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Frequently asked questions

  • What are the conditions to participate at Miss BeNeLux 2016?


1. Min 18 year and max 26 year old in the year 2016
2. Having the Belgian, Dutch or Luxembourg nationality 
3. Don' t be married, divorced are have given birth. 
4. At least be 1M60
5. No tattoos or at least non visible


  • When are the castings Miss BeNeLux 2016?


For the moment you can participate. 


  • There is a semi final? 


No, there is no semi final 


  • You have to sell exepensive entree tickets?


No, you don't have to sell expensive entree tickets 


  • Do I need to search for paying votes like sms and televoting? 




  • Do I need to pay a warrant to participate? 




  • Do I need to do a personal act or talent?